French Method



Part IV


Au revoir Pierre: Good bye Pierre.
Salut Robert: Bye bye, Robert!
Bonne soirée madame Dupont: Have a good evening Mrs Dupont.
à demain Pierre: See you tomorrow Pierre.
Salut les gars (informal): Good bye guys.
Au revoir tout le monde: Good bye everybody.
Passe le bonsoir à ta femme (informal): Say hello to your wife (give the good evening to your wife)
Saluez votre femme de ma part (formal) My greetings to your wife.
à lundi, passez un bon week-end: see you Monday, have a great week end.
Je vous souhaite le bonsoir, monsieur Durant (formal): I wish you a good evening, Mr Durant.

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Days of the week
Monday: lundi (no capital letter).
Tuesday: mardi.
Wednesday: mercredi.
Thursday: jeudi.
Friday: vendredi.
Saturday: samedi.
Sunday: dimanche.
Today: aujourd'hui.
Tomorrow: demain.reveil

Ways to say Good bye

- à ce soir: see you tonight
- à tout à l'heure: see you later
- à tout de suite: see you very soon
- à plus tard: see you later
- à plus: see you
- à bientôt: see you soon
- à demain: see you tomorrow
- à lundi: see you on Mondayreveil

Polite Expressions

- Merci: thank you
- Merci beaucoup: thank you very much
- De rien: you are welcome
- S'il te plaît: please (with people you know)
- S'il vous plaît: please (formal)reveil