French Method



Part XI


- La Famille: Family
- Mon père: my father.
- Ma mère: my mother.
- Mes frères: My brothers.
- Ma soeur: my sister.
- Ton fils: your son.
- Ta fille: your daughter.
- Tes enfants: your children.
- Votre femme (formal): your wife.
- Votre mari (formal): your husband.
- Un ami, une amie: a friend (boy, girl).
- Célibataire: single.
- Divorcé(e): divorced.

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"Mon" is for masculine word and also words starting with a vowel (mon amie). "Ma" is for feminine word starting with a consonant. Same rule for "ton" and "ta". "Mes" and "Tes" are plural. "Votre" is the formal word for your (masculine and feminine) and "vos" the plural".

Conversation (formal)
- Parlez-moi de votre famille.
- Je suis marié et j'ai 3 enfants.
- Vous avez des frères et soeurs?
- Oui, 2 soeurs et un frère!
- Comment vont vos parents?
- Ils vont très bien merci. Et comment va votre femme?
- Elle va bien, merci.
- Je vous félicite, vous avez une très belle famille.1

- Talk to me about your family. - I am married and I have 3 children. - Do you have brothers and sisters? - Yes, 2 sisters and 1 brother. - How are your parents? - Very well, thank you. Et what about your wife?- She is fine, thank you. - Congratulations, you have a very nice family!

To Go Furter: have a look at the vocabulary Family,

Parler is to speak and to talk.

Say aloud the name of your family:
My father's name is... Mother, brother, sister...

Mon père s'appelle Jean, ma mère s'appelle Mélissa, ma soeur s'appelle... mon frère s'appelle....