Y Arriver in French

Expression Y ARRIVER in French

2 Meanings depending on what Y means

1. Y = Location

You remember that when the preposition of the verb is à, we can replace the complement by Y:
Je vais à Paris  J’y vais (Y = Paris)

Arriver is also a prepositional verb with à!

Je veux aller à la plage, comment fait-on pour y arriver ?
I want to go to the beach, what can we do to get there?
There = Y

À Paris, j’y arrive lundi prochain.
In Paris, I will get there on Monday.

Combien de temps pour y arriver ? How long to get there?
Je ne sais pas si on y arrivera à temps: I don’t know of we will be there on time.

2. Y = to do it

Y arriver: to manage to do it, can do it

Oui, vas-y, tu peux y arriver: Yes, go, you can do it.
J’espère que je pourrai y arriver tout seul: I hope I will be able to do it alone.
À nous deux, on devrait y arriver: Between the two of us, we should be able to do it.

So, depending on the context:
Nous n’y arriverons jamais:

1.We will never get there.
2. We won’t be able to do it.

En travaillant, on y arrivera: By working, we will succeed.

We could say: On y arrive or on arrive à le faire
Oui, tu peux arriver à le faire but tu peux y arriver y more common.

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