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The word “Faute” in French

The word “Faute” in French

Because this word is very close to the English fault, we sometimes don’t understand its other meanings.

1. Faute = Fault

C’est la faute de Pierre: it is Pierre’s fault (it is his responsability)
We can say c’est sa faute or c’est de sa faute (some prefers the first one)
Faire une double faute (tennis): to serve a double-fault

2. Faute = Mistake, Error

It can be grammar, spelling, punctuation, we use the word Faute in French:
Une faute de grammaire: grammatical error
Faire une faute: to make a mistake
Une faute de prononciation: a mispronunciation

In this case, we also use the word “faux”: c’est faux: it is wrong, there is an error.
Tu as faux: you are wrong

3. Faute = Offense, sin

Une faute grave (justice): a serious offence

4. Faute de = lack of

Faute de temps: for lack of time
Faute de mieux: for lack of anything better
Ce n’est pas faute d’avoir essayé: it is not for lack of trying
Faute de preuves: for lack of evidences

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