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The Sound O in French – Pronunciation

The Sound O in French – Pronunciation

2 Sounds O: Here is the VIDEO

The most commun: O vote [ɔ] The second: O mot [o]

Take into account that the pronunciation depends on where you live in France and on your accent, this lesson is based on pronunciation accepted by main dictionaries like Le Robert.

1 The most commun [ɔ]

When the sound O is not the last of the word:


Exception words in -ose:

Rose, sclérose, glucose

2 The second O [o]

A- When the sound O is the last of the word:


B- A ^ on the letter O: ô


Exception: words ending in -ose:

Rose, glucose, sclérose

3 Combination of letters


Inside a word like WA: une poêle, la moelle (marrow, medulla)
At the beginning, we just say “é”: oesophage

OI, sound WA

La loi, la croissance
the Sound A of moi and mois is not the same (listen to the video)


Loup, nous, roue.

OY: why

Broyer (to crush)
Noyer (to drown)


Followed by a consonant which is not a m: pompier
Followed by a second m or a vowel: pomme, Rome

Exception: all the medical words ending in -ome: angiome, athérome


Mon, cochon, bon

Followed by a second n or a vowel: bonne, trombone

Exceptions: zone, ozone. 

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