To be or not to be in French

To be or not to be, that is the question and if it is not “to be”, it is “to have” in French!

Many important expressions in English use the verb “to be” but not in French. They are important because we use them nearly every day, but if their meaning is the same, they use the verb “to have” in French!
Here is the video:

1-      Age:

I am 20 years old:

-Je suis âgé de 20 ans
-J’ai 20 ans (most commun)

How old are you?

-Quel âge as-tu? / Quel âge avez-vous?

2-      Right or Wrong :

I am right and you are wrong:
J’ai raison et tu as tort

Qui avait raison? (who was right?)

3-      Hungry and Thirsty

I am hungry and thirsty: J’ai faim et soif

Tu as faim? (are you hungry?)

Je suis mort de soif (I am dying of thirst)

4-      Hot or Cold?

I am hot, you are cold: J’ai chaud, tu as froid,

Je suis chaud= I am enthusiastic about

5-      More Expressions:

You are lucky: tu as de la chance!

I am ashamed: j’ai honte!

He is afraid: il a peur!

We are sleepy: nous avons sommeil

You are seasick: vous avez le mal de mer.

Many expressions about time, size…
The train was 10 minutes late: le train a eu 10 minutes de retard
It is 3 m large: ça fait 3 m de long

6-      Fed up?

I am fed up: J’en ai marre!

j’en ai marre de toi: I am fed up with you

Il y en a marre: that’s enough