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SOME in French

How to translate SOME in French


 Some with countable words, uncountable and expressions


1. Some with uncountable words

The word in English is singular,
in French: du, de l’, de la
Du with masculine words
De l’ when the word starts with a vowel
De la with feminine words
I want some tea  Je veux du thé (masculine)
I would like some water  Je voudrais de l’eau (feminine but vowel)
He eats some soup  Il mange de la soupe (feminine)


2. Some with countable words

The word in English is plural
In French: des
I can see some birds  Je peux voir des oiseaux
I would like some tomatoes  Je voudrais des tomates
If the context is clear, you can say: I would like some: J’en voudrais or j’en voudrais quelques-unes (tomates is feminine)
He takes some pencils  Il prend des crayons
He takes some  Il en prend, Il en prend quelques-uns (crayon is masculine)
Have some: Prends-en or Prenez-en
Have some more: Reprends-en or Reprenez-en
Give me some: Donne-m’en or Donnez-m’en
Have you got some ? En as-tu ? or En avez-vous ?

May I have some more? Je peux en reprendre or je peux en ravoir ?
Yes, of course, have some more: Oui, bien sûr, reprenez-en !

3. Some is a subject

Some is Certain, certaine, certains, certaines in French

Some children do not like beans  Certains enfants n’aiment pas les haricots
Some of these books are old  Certains de ces livres sont vieux


Something: quelque chose
Somewhere: quelque part
Somewhat: quelque peu

Quiz: How to say some in French

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