SMS Language – French Text Message

SMS Language – French Text Message

Do you need to send some short messages by mobile in French?
Here are some shortcuts you can use:

lol or mdr for “mort de rire” : to be doubled up with laughter
slt for salut: hi
bjr for bonjour: hello
cc for coucou: informal hi
cv? for ça va?: how are you?
b1 for bien: fine
nrv for énervé: irritated
biz for bisou: informal kiss
dak for d’accord: ok
ayé for ça y est: here I am
a+ for à plus tard: see you later
2m1 for demain: tomorrow
a2m1 for à demain: see you tomorrow
ab1to for à bientôt: see you soon
r1 for rien: nothing
rstp for réponds s’il te plaît: please reply
kestu fé for qu’est-ce que tu fais? what are you doing?
keskeC for qu’est-ce que c’est?: what is this?
koi29 for quoi de neuf: what’s up?
vi1 for viens: come!
tu vi1 2m1? for tu viens demain?: are you coming tomorrow?
OQP for occupé: busy
jtm for je t’aime: I love you

You can even invent some

j t fone 2m1: I will phone you tomorrow

J sé pa: I don’t know

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