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Rendre in French

Verb Rendre in French

The verb conjugated with audio is here: Click

1. To Give Back

Je te rends l’argent: I give your  money back.
Ils ont rendu les otages: They set the hostages free (they give them back their freedom).
Tu lui rends son livre: You give  his book back.

2. To Return

Je te rends la monnaie: I return your change.
Elle me rend visite tous les jeudis: She visits me every Thursday.
Le pays rendra coup pour coup: The country will return blow for blow.

3. To make

Ça me rend heureux: It makes me happy.
Ils ont rendu public l’information: They made the news public.
Elle me rend responsable de l’accident: She makes me responsible for the accident.
Il va me rendre fou: He is going to drive me crazy.

4. To Render

Ce livre ne rend pas sa pensée: This book does not render his though.

5. To Look Good

Ça ne rend pas bien du tout: It does not look good at all.
Ce chapeau rend bien sur toi: This hat looks good on you.

6. To Vomit

Il a rendu du sang: He vomited blood.
J’ai envie de rendre: I feel sick


1. To go

Elle se rend au travail en bus: She goes to work on bus.

2. To make …

Arrête, tu te rends ridicule: Stop it, you are making a fool of yourself.

Le poisson m’a rendu malade: The fish made me ill.

Je voudrais me rendre utile: I would like to make myself useful

3. To surrender

Les voleurs se sont rendus: The thieves surrendered to the police.

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