Questions in French – Part 2

Questions in French: What, When, Who…

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1- Que, Quoi = What:

3 possibilities: What are you doing?

  • Qu’est-ce que tu fais? (correct when you write and speak) (When we speak we just say ‘kess’: kess tu fais?)
  • Que fais-tu? (correct when you write and speak)
  • Tu fais quoi? (correct when you speak)

-What are you saying?

  • Qu’est-ce que tu dis? (kess tu dis?)
  • Que dis-tu?
  • Tu dis quoi?

– Problem with 2 verbs:

  • Que veut manger Paul? (the noun at the end)
  • Que veut-il manger? (the pronoun after the first verb)

2- Quand = When: When will you come?

  • Quand est-ce que tu viens?
  • Quand viens-tu?
  • Tu viens quand?

As you can see, we use the present tense to translate the future too.

3- Où = Where: Where is he?

  • Où est-ce qu’il est?
  • Où est-il?
  • Il est où?

4- Pourquoi = Why: Why are you eating this?

  • Pourquoi est-ce que tu manges ça?
  • Pourquoi manges-tu ça?
  • Tu manges ça pourquoi?

5- Qui = Who : Who wrote this?

  • Qui est-ce qui a écrit ça? (2 qui)
  • Qui a écrit ça?

Qui is the subject, so we cannot put it at the end. When “sui” is not the subject we can say:

  • Qui c’est?
  • c’est qui?

6- Combien = How much/ How many: How much do you want?

  • Combien est-ce que tu veux?
  • Combien veux-tu?
  • Tu veux combien?

7- Comment = How: How are you doing that?

  • Comment est-ce que tu fais ça?
  • Comment fais-tu?
  • Tu fais comment?

8- Quel:

8A- Quel + noun = Which or What + noun:

  • Quel gâteau? = which cake?
  • Quelle pomme? = which apple?
  • Quelle heure est-il? = what time is it? (or il est quelle heure?)

8B- Quel est = What is, Who is, Which is:

  • Quelle est la question? = What is the question?
  • Quel est cet écrivain? = who is this writer? (or qui est cet…)
  • De tous ces livres, quel est le plsu intéressant? = of all these books, which is the most interesting?

C’est fini!

Pascal Dherve

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