Prepositional Verbs in French – Part II

Part II, Verbs + de: Video Here

A Verbs + de +Verb:

  1. Accepter de: To accept to, to agree
    J’accepte de faire la vaisselle: I accept to do the washing up
    Following by a noun, we do not need a preposition: J’accepte l’offre: I accept the offer.
  2. S’agir de: to be, to be a question of
    Il ne s’agit pas de ça: that’s not the point
    Il s’agit de 2 livres: it is a question of 2 books
    Il s’agit de prendre le livre: it is a question of taking the book
  3. Arrêter de: to stop
    Arrête de me faire peur: Stop frightening me
    Following by a noun, no preposition: Arrête le moteur: stop the engine!
  4. Continuer de = Continuer à
    Je continue de lire ce livre: I continue reading this book
    Following by a noun, no preposition: Je continue mon chemin: I continue on my way.
  5. Essayer de: to try to
    Essaie de manger un peu: try to eat a bit
    Following by a noun, no preposition: J’essaie la voiture: I try the car
  6. Avoir peur de: to be afraid of
    J’ai bien peur de ne pas pouvoir venir: I am afraid not to be able to come
    Il n’a pas peur de travailler dur: he is not afraid of hard work
    But, I am afraid not = J’ai bien peur que non
  7. Dire de: to tell someone to do something
    Je te dis de faire tes devoirs: I tell you to do your homework
  8. Proposer de: to suggest
    Je propose d’aller au cinéma: I suggest going to the cinema
    Following by a noun, no preposition:
    On me propose un nouveau travail: I have been offered a new job
  9. Venir de: to have just
    Je viens de terminer les devoirs: I have just finished my homework

B Verbs + de + Noun

  1. Avoir besoin de: to need
    J’ai besoin d’un ami: I need a friend
    With a verb too: J’ai besoin de manger: I need to eat
  2. Avoir envie de: to want, to feel like
    J’ai envie d’un café: I feel like drinking a coffee
    With a verb too: j’ai envie de vomir: I feel like vomiting
  3. Changer de: to change
    Change de chemise: Change your shirt
    Change de pantalon: Change trousers
    Je change de vie: I change my life
  4. Jouer de: to play
    Elle joue du violon: She plays violin
  5. Se moque de: to make fun of
    Il se moque de moi: he is making fun of me
  6. Se passer de: to do without
    Je peux me passer de cigarettes: I can do without any cigarette
    With a verb too: je peux me passer de fumer: I can do without smoking
  7. Rire de: to laugh at
    Il fait rire de lui: people laugh at him
  8. Se servir de: to use, to make use of
    Il sait bien se servir de sa voiture: he knows how to use his car
    Elle s’est servie de lui: she used him

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  1. Pascal,
    What an outstanding summary of the use of prepositional verbs.  You have such insight into what students need to make sense in french and to make good progress. I take off my hat to you.

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