Porter, Apporter, Emporter

Porter, Apporter, Emporter

1. Porter (for things)

To carry a box, a table, luggage…

To take: You are going to take the letter to the post office: tu vas porter la lettre à la poste. (here you can also say apporter) (to deliver), the meaning is: tu prends la lettre pour la mettre à la poste

To wear: porter un manteau = to wear a coat

2. Apporter (for things)

Apporter = porter à

There is a notion of movement, with a focus on the arrival.

To bring

Apporte moi le livre: bring the book to me. The meaning is ‘take the book and give it to me’ = prends le livre et donne-le moi.

3. Emporter (for things)

There is a notion of movement with a focus on the departure.

To take (away)

J’emporte un manteau avec moi: I take a coat with me.

You can also use “prendre” (to take): je prends un manteau avec moi.

SUMMARIZE the verbs:

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