Past Conditional, Passé Conditionnel

Past Conditional, Passé Conditionnel

This Mood is similar to the Conditional Perfect:

I would have eaten: J’aurais mangé.
But remember, we also use the verb to be as an auxiliary, so, for example:
He would have gone: il serait allé… (don’t forget the agreement with the past participle: elle était allée)

So you just need to know the conditional of the verbs avoir and être!

We use the Passé Conditionnel with:
1. If sentences
2. Regret or criticism
3. Unverified Facts

1. If sentences

I would have come if I had known it: je serais venu si j’avais su.

We would have eaten it if it had been good: Nous aurions mangé si cela avait été bon.

2. Regret, Criticism

In your place, I would have talked to him: Perso, je lui aurais parlé.

I would have liked to go on holiday: J’aurais aimé aller en vacances.

3. Unverified Facts

Apparently, he had lied to the court: Il aurait menti au tribunal.

All the passengers have been killed: tous les passagers seraient morts.

4. Modal Verb (there is another lesson for that)

He could have gone: Il aurait pu y aller

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