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Parce que vs Puisque

Parce que vs Puisque

1. Parce Que

You know the meaning is ‘because’, but you can also translate “puisque” with because and also with ‘since’ or ‘seeing that’.

Puisque becomes puisqu’ before a vowel

2. Puisque


Since you are here, give me a hand: Puisque tu es là, viens m’aider!

Ça doit être vrai, puisqu’il le dit! it must be true since he says so!

We can also say ‘seeing that’ in French: “vu que”
We also use the word “comme” to translate since: comme tu es là, viens m’aider.

“puisque” is also an exclamation in French that we can’t translate in English:

Puisque que je te le dis! I am telling you!

Mais puisque je te dis que c’est vrai: But I am telling you it is true!

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