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Longtemps in French

Longtemps in French (a long time)

Long +  temps = long time
Longtemps is an adverb in French, so modifies the meaning of a verb, it is not a noun anymore, for this reason there is no article like in English: a long time.

1. Meaning

a long time
For a long time
long, for long

2. Expressions

It has been a long time since I have finished: Ça fait longtemps que j’ai terminé
Is this going to last a long time? Ça va durer longtemps ?
A long time ago: Il y a longtemps
I have been waiting for a long time: J’attends depuis longtemps
He will live for a long time: Il vivra longtemps

It won’t take long: ça ne prendra pas longtemps
Is there long to wait: Il y a longtemps à attendre ?

Longer than: plus longtemps que
As long as: Aussi longtemps que

Je comprends vite mais il faut m’expliquer longtemps:
I understand fast as long as you explain slowly.

Pascal Dherve

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