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Letter R in French

How to pronounce the letter R in French

Depending where the letter is in a world, the pronunciation may change.

Here is the VIDEO

1 – We don’t pronounce it:

At the end of a word after the vowel E:


Exceptions: hier, hiver, mer, cher, fer…

2 – We pronounce it:

More or less strong depending where it is and on your French accent.
The video gives you examples based on the picture below.

Say: Car, Mer, Reposer, Regarder, Mercredi

We usually don’t emphasize the pronunciation of the double rr: arrête,…

Some commentaries:

– This is THE best video I have seen on how to pronounce the French “r” sound! Thanks!
– Absolutely superb tutorial, much better than all the other approximate (and messy) explanations
– Many thanks for this – I always thought there was 2 r’s in French. Merci beaucoup!
– Excellent video! Best explanation I’ve found so far online! Thank you!

Pascal Dherve

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