Informal English Greetings into French

Informal English Greetings into French

1. How are you doing? How is it going?

Comment ça va ?
Using ça means that it is not very formal, with friends or colleagues.

2. Hey

, Hep and also Hey
Hep, taxi !
Hey, toi là-bas, viens ici !

3. How’s everything?

Tout va bien ?

4. Good to see you

(Je suis) content de te voir.

5. It’s been ages

Ça fait une éternité que je ne t’avais pas vu

6. Where have you been hiding?

Tu te cachais où ?

7. What’s new? What’s up?

Quoi de neuf ?

Sometimes in French we add que in the question comment tu vas ?: comment que tu vas ?

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