French Imperative Mood

Imperative in French


With this mood you express an intention to influence the behaviour of someone else:

  1. Order: Go, go to your bed: Order
  2. Invitation: Let’s go to the park: Invitation
  3. Request: Give me your pen: Request

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HOW TO GET IT: French Imperative Conjugation

1.Verbs ending with -er:

From the present tense of the indicative mood you take these 3 forms: Verb to eat (manger). Pay attention, the letter S disappears for the first form in this category of verbs.

Présent Indicative Imperative Mood
Tu manges Mange
Nous mangeons Mangeons
Vous mangez Mangez

Mange: Eat
Mangeons: Let’s eat
Mangez: Eat (formal, plural)

There is an exception for the final “s”: With the words y and en we need an S at the end of the verb to make the liaison.


Sometimes it is a T:


2.Verbs ending with -ir and -re:

Finir: to finish, to end


Faire: to do, to make


3.Irregular Verbs:

Être: to be
Sois, soyons, soyez

Avoir: to have
Aie, ayons, ayez

Vouloir: to want
Veuille, veuillons, veuillez
Veuillez is useful for polite expressions like:
Veuillez entrer (please, come in)
Veuillez ne pas faire de bruit (please, dont be noisy)

Savoir: to know
Sache, sachons, sachez

4.Reflexive Verbs:

Some verbs are reflexive in French but not in English

To wake up: se réveiller (to wake oneself)

Wake up! Réveille-toi ! Réveillez-vous !
Let’s wake up! Réveillons-nous !

To get up: se lever

Get up! Lève-toi ! Levez-vous !
Let’s get up! Levons-nous !

Make your apologies: Excuse-toi à ton frère!


We never say “va”  alone we say:

Vas-y: Go!
Allons-y let’s go!
Allez-y: Go!

You may here Allez alone in a soccer stadium to encourage a team.

so, remember that, vas-y or allez-y are the correct translation for Go!

Voyons voir: let’s see!

Voyons voir ce qu’il fait! let’s see what he is doing!
Voyons voir si c’est utile: let’s see if it is useful!

Imperative with pronouns

Don’t talk to them: Ne leur parlez pas
Don’t look to her (him): Ne la (le) regarde pas
Give it to him: Donne-le-lui !

C’est fini!

Next Lesson: French Negative Imperative

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French Imperative Quiz:

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