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How to say SHOULD in French

How to say SHOULD in French

Would - Could - Should
1. Lesson 1: Would in French
2. Lesson 2: Could in French
3. Lesson 3: Should in French

1. Should in French: conditional of shall

It is the first person of the conditional mood: I should go, you would go…
In this case, we use the conditional mood in French: J’irais, tu irais…

Past event:

You should have been a doctor
Tu aurais dû être docteur (the auxiliary verb is avoir)
Dû is the past participle of DEVOIR
Should in French.

Should for if

Should you decide to come later…
Si vous deviez venir plus tard
After SI conditional in French we don’t use the conditional mood but the imperfect tense instead.

2. Should: Obligation, invitation…

Should is the conditional of the verb DEVOIR in French:

I should
You should
He should
We should
You should
They should
Je devrais
Tu devrais
Il devrait
Nous devrions
Vous devriez
Ils devraient

I should go: Je devrais y aller
Should I go? Devrais-je y aller ?

You should know that…
Tu devrais savoir que…
Vous devriez savoir que…


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