How to say … in French! 7

How to say … in French! 7

How to say “Thanks to…” in French:

Thanks is merci but thanks to is grâce à:
Thanks to you: merci à toi

How to say “Without any error” in French:

Sans erreur(s) or sans faute(s)

How to say “Money” in Colloquial French:

Le Fric

How to say “I have no money” in Colloquial French:

We use the word ROND for the shape of a coin: j’ai pas un rond!

How to say “Make or Break” in French:

ça passe ou ça casse!

How to say “on or to the floor” in French:

Par terre
I am on the ground: je suis par terre!

How to say “Yes” in French:

Two words: Oui and Si but with a difference.

How to say “I need you” in French:

J’ai besoin de toi.

How to say “Right or Wrong side out” in French:

à l’endroit, à l’envers.

How to say “What’s that for” in French:

à quoi ça sert?

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