Good is not Good in French!

How to translate the word “good” in French:

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1- Good is “bon”:

In a dictionary, you will find that good is “bon”

  • He is a good teacher: c’est un bon professeur
  • A good wine: un bon vin
  • She is good at French: elle est bonne en français
  • Good morning: bonjour

2- Too Good to be true:

It’s good can be c’est bon or c’est bien

La leçon est bonne means the lesson is correct or good
la leçon est bien means you like it and it is good!

Expressions with bien:

  • Very good, boy! très bien, mon garçon!
  • You did good: Tu as bien fait
  • How are you? -Good: bien
  • They had a good time: ils se sont bien amusés
  • You feel good: tu te sens bien
  • You look good in that: ça te va bien

3- The Rule:

Not only one, usually about quality, taste, efficiency we use “bon”, when you like something or about health, it is “bien”

It is a good movie: c’est un bon film (about quality)
This movie is really good: ce film est vraiment bien  (you like it)

4- Too Bad

Good also means “beau” in French

  • Good-looking: beau, belle
  • You have good eyes: tu as de beaux yeux
  • They had a good life: ils ont eu une belle vie

So, when you are not sure, use your dictionary!


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