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Gender of the Nouns in French

There are some rules that can help but there are exceptions, so it is not 100% true but it is a great help when you have to struggle with gender of the nouns. Gender is Le Genre is French.

Masculine Words:

Nouns ending in –ent:

Le jugement
Le changement
Le vent

Nouns ending in –ing:

Le camping Le parking

Nouns ending in –isme:

Le journalisme
Le prisme

Nouns ending with consonant + vowel + consonant:

Le mouton
Le salon
Le soldat

Most of the words ending in -c, -d, -f, -i, -k, -l, -m, -p:

Le hamac
Le boulevard
Le canif
Le roi
Le bol
Le prénom
Le cap

Nouns in –eau for words with 2 or more syllable:

Le bateau
Le chapeau

(1 syllable: la peau)

Nouns in –age for words with 2 or more syllable:

Le passage

Nouns in –aire:

Le militaire

Nouns in –oir:

Le miroir

Nouns coming from a verb:

Le pouvoir
Le diner

Nouns in –ou:

Le chou
Le genou

Feminine words:

Nouns ending with 2 consonants + vowel:

La personne
La ville
La bicyclette
La terre

(exceptions: le verre, un homme, le gramme, le squelette)

Nouns in –ie:

La chimie

Nouns in –ique:

La physique

(exception: le physique)

Nouns in –ise:

La bétise

Nouns in –ité:

La vérité

Nouns in –tié:


Nouns in –aison:

La saison

Nouns in –ole:

La parole

Nouns in –nde:

La ronde

(exception: le monde)

Nouns in –ude:

La certitude

Nouns in –ue:

La revue

Nouns in –ure:

La bordure  

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