French Subject Pronouns

The Subject Pronouns in French

1. Je : I

There is no capital letter: je (only when it is the first word of the sentence)

Je before a verb starting with a consonant: je mange
But J’ before a h or vowel: J’habite, j’aime

Sometimes the sound “je” becomes “sh” by contractions: je sais  shey
Je ne sais pas  shey pa

2. Tu : You

Singular and familiar with people you know or informal way.

Tu manges
Tu habites
Tu aimes

However when we speak tu  t’
T’habites, t’aimes

3. il : he, it

For people, animals, things

Il mange

Il aime  i laime
Il habite  i labite
Il est  i ley

Even when we speak il becomes i:
i vient ou i vient pas: Is he coming or not?

4. Elle : she, it

For people, animals, things

Elle aime  ey laime
Elle habite  ey labite
Elle est  ey ley

Even when we speak elle becomes ey
ey vient ou quoi? is she coming or what?

5. On: one, we

Very common subject to use instead of We:
On means One: One says… On dit…
But more common for We
On est fatigués: we are tired
The subject and the verb are singular, but the following word is plural!

On habite  on nabite
On aime  on naime
On est  on ney

6. Nous: we

Nous venons: we come
Nous aimons  nou zaimons
Nous habitons  nou zabitons

7. Vous: you

This subject has 6 meanings:
Vous plural of Tu, so informal, with people you know: masculine, mixed or just feminine
Vous singular formal: masculine or feminine
Vous plural formal: masculine, mixed, or just feminine

Vous venez: you come
Vous aimez  vou zaimez
Vous habitez  vou zabitez


You in French







8. Ils: they (masculine, masculine + feminine)

For people, animals, things

Ils viennent: they come
Ils aiment  il zaim
Ils habitent  il zabit

Sometimes you will just hear the sound “i”: i viennent, i zaim…

9. Elles: they (feminine)

For people, animals, things

Elles viennent: they come
Elles aiment  Elle zaim
Elles habitent  Elle zabit

Sometimes you will just hear the sound “ey”: ey viennent, ey zaim…

French subject pronouns

Test your knowledge with the verbs to be and to have in French:

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