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French Contraction : Je

Contraction : Je
How to say I in French


You know how to say “je” in French or I in English, but we sometimes change the pronunciation depending of the entire sentence, we have many contractions with the subject “je”.

1. Je before the consonants C, F, P, T

“Je” becomes the sound ‘sh’

Je coupe le pain  sh’coup
Je cours

Je fais la vaisselle

Je prends le train
Je poste un courrier

Je t’attends
Je tape

2. Je before the consonant J

The sound ‘j’ is a bit longer

Je joue

3. Je before the consonant S

The letter ‘s’ of the following word is mixed with the pronoun “je”.

Je suis Français (shui)
Je sors ce soir (shor)

“Je ne sais pas” becomes shépa as we don’t pronounce the word “ne” when we speak.


4. Je before the other consonants

We mix the letter ‘j’ with the next word.

Je vais  j’vais
Je bois
Je descends du bus
Je mets
Je ris
Je vais

5. Je before the letter H or a vowel

Je becomes j’


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