French Possessive Adjectives

French Possessive Adjectives

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 Mas / femfemplural
His, her, itsSonSaSes


We use “mon, ton , son” for all masculine words and for feminine ones starting with a vowel or the letter “h” when it is “mute” or silent, what I call a plugged H because there is a connection between the words.

We use “ma, ta, sa” for feminine words starting with a consonant.

We use “mes, tes, ses” for plural, masculine or feminine.

There is one mistake in the video, it is “leurs livres” with an “s” at the end of “leur”.


My car is ma voiture because voiture is feminine, even a boy can say ma voiture.
My book is mon livre because livre is masculine.
My school is mon école, école is feminine but starts with a vowel, so we use “mon”.
My clock is mon horloge, horloge is feminine but starts with a silent “h”.
My ax is ma hache, hache is feminine and the “h” is not silent.

Exercise: Fill the blank French Possessive Adjectives:

French possessive adjectives

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  1. Bonjour
    Thank you so much , only one  question ,how do we know  when the (h) is not silent, can you please give me  a list of the words that we use  frequently ?

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