French Idiomatic Expressions – 2


Don’t think that these expressions are like “icing on a cake”, they are really used when French people speak.


101- Daily French Expression: Piquer du nez: To nod off.

Regarde, il pique du nez sur son bureau: Look, he is nodding off on his desk.

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

– I am full of beans, that’s why I won, and there is no doubt!
– You make fun of me, this afternoon you will be so tired that you will be nodding off on your desk.

102- Daily French Expression: Se sauver: to be off.

The first meaning is to escape, to run away.
Il est tard, je me sauve: It is getting late, I am off!
Elle s’est sauvée sans dire au revoir: she went out without saying bye bye.

103- Daily French Expression: Poireauter: to hang about.

Il m’a fait poireauter 1 heure et il n’est pas venu: He left me hanging about 1 hour and he did not come!
ça fait une heure que je poireaute: I have been hanging about for 1 hour!

104- Daily French Expression: grave: a lot.

Mais tu m’embêtes grave: you are really bothering me! Je m’ennuie grave: I am bored to death.

105- Daily French Expression: Dire des nouvelles: to be sure you will like it.

Goûte ça, tu m’en diras des nouvelles: Taste this, I am sure you will like it! We use this expression mainly at the future tense.

106- Daily French Expression: ça marche: it is ok!

Alors tu viens à 4 heures, ça marche? Well, you will come at 4, is that ok?
Ça marche toujours pour demain? Is that still ok for tomorrow?

Ça coûte trois fois rien: it cost next to nothing.
Tu as mal? Non, non, c’est trois fois rien! Does it hurt? No, it is nothing.

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

Speaking? You can’t come? but I have been hanging about for half an hour!Tomorrow? it is ok! sorry I am off, speak to you later!Don’t worry, it is nothing!

108- Daily French Expression: Un point c’est tout! full stop, period.

Non, je n’en veux pas, un point c’est tout! No, I don’t want it, full stop!
Tu arrêtes de parler, un point c’est tout: you stop talking, end of the matter!
Je n’irai pas, un point c’est tout: I won’t go, full stop!

109- Daily French Expression: être à côté de la plaque: to be way off the mark (to be wrong).

Qu’est-ce que tu racontes, tu es complètement à côté de la plaque: what are you saying, you are widly way off the mark.
Ils ont dit qu’il pleuvrait et il fait beau, ils sont à côté de la plaque: They said it would rain and the weather is good, they are totally wrong!

110- Daily French Expression: Se rendre compte de: just imagine, to realize.

Non, mais tu te rends comptes? il est fou! No, but can you just imagine? he is crazy! Il m’a dit va-t-en, tu te rends comptes! He told me go out, can you just imagine?(the main meaning is to realize)

111- Daily French Expression: se tirer d’affaire: to get out of a scrape.

On a eu chaud, mais on n’est pas tiré d’affaire: it was a close shave, but we are not out of trouble yet! La crise est finie, on est tiré d’affaire: the crisis is over, we are safe!

112: Daily French Expression: se creuser la cervelle: to rack one’s brain.

Il va falloir se creuser la cervelle pour trouver une nouvelle idée: We need to rack our brain to find a new idea. Tu ne te creuses pas beaucoup la cervelle toi! you don’t make a lot of effort!

113: Daily French Expression: être à deux doigt de: to come very close to doing, to be within a hair’s breadth of.

J’étais à deux doigts de terminer quand tu es arrivé: I was within a hair’s breadth of finishing when you arrived.
Il est à deux doigts de se faire virer: he is close to being fired!
Barcelone est à deux doigts de l’exploit: Barça is very close to feat.

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

I was close to get out of a scrape, can you imagine?But I was widly way off the mark and I had to rack my brain for an hour before getting the solution.

114: Daily French Expression: l’écraser: to shut up

Bon, tu l’écrases maintenant: well, would you shut up now?
Il parle beaucoup mais il l’écrase devant son patron: he speaks a lot but never says a word in front of his boss.

115: Daily French Expression: Pauvre type: dead loss, palooka, schnook

T’es vraiment un pauvre type: you are really a schnook
Mais quel pauvre type! What a bastard!
(the pronunciation is something like pov tip)

116: Daily French Expression: Débile mental: half-wit

T’es un gros débile mental: you are absolutely half-wit Je ne comprends toujours pas, j’ai l’impression d’être un débile mental: I still don’t understand, I feel like a half-wit!

117: Daily French Expression: Tronche: face

Il a vraiment une sale tronche: he’s got a nasty face T’en fais une tronche, qu’est-ce qui ne va pas? What a mug, what’s wrong? Tu tires encore la tronche? You still make a face? Tu te fous de ma tronche? Are you taking the piss out of me? Even Gavroche in Les Misérables de Victore Hugo shouted: “on ne dit pas la tête, on dit la tronche!”

118: Daily French Expression: le zizi: willy, dink

It is a baby and polite word and it is part of the family jewels (les bijoux de famille) To pee is “faire pipi” or “pisser”. Il se promène le zizi à l’air: he is walking around bare-dink!

119: Daily French Expression: Cailler: avoir froid, faire froid

Ça caille aujourd’hui: it is freezing today.
Je me caille dur! I am freezing!

Translate into French with the expressions you learnt:

– I am freezing, I am freezing!
Shut  up! I am going to close the window!
– Hey, what’s wrong? I am freezing, full stop!
– Have you seen your face with this hat? you look like a dumb!
– What you say makes no difference to me!
Really? I thought you were freezing?

The expressions are in bold.

120. Daily French Expression: Avoir la crève: to get a cold

Qu’est-ce que tu as? t’es malade? – j’ai attrapé la crève: What’s up? are you ill? – I caught a bad cold!
J’ai la crève, je ne peux pas venir: I have a bad cold, I can’t come.

121- Daily French Expression: Bibi: me

Et qui va encore faire tout le travail? c’est bibi! and who is going to do the job again? it is me!
Mais bibi, il en a marre de payer! But yours truly is fed up paying!

122- Daily French Expression: schlinguer: to stink, to reek

Ça schlingue ici: it stinks here! Il ne s’est pas lavé depuis une semaine, il schlingue: He has not been washing himself for a week, he is stinking.

123- Daily French Expression: Frimeur, Frimeuse

Quel frimeur ce Marcel: What a show-off, this Marcel! Hé, Joe-la-frime, t’as de nouvelles grolles? Hey, flash Harry, you have a pair of new shoes?
We also say “crâneur, crâneuse”, and the verb is “frimer”.

124- Daily French Expression: Piger: to get it, to understand

Tu piges quelque chose, toi? Do you understand?
J’y pige que dalle: I just don’t get it!

125- Daily French Expression: à la bourre: late

Je me sauve, je suis à la bourre: I am off, I am very late.
Je ne peux pas venir, je suis à la bourre dans mon travail: I can’t come, I am behind with my work!

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

I don’t get it, why this show-off stinks so much?
Well, I can’t tell you, because who is late? it is me!

126- Daily French Expression: tache: idiot, jerk

Quel pauvre tache! What an idiot!
Tu es vraiment une grosse tache: you just and idiot!

The main meaning of “tache”  is ‘stain, mark’.

127- Daily French Expression: tomber sur quelqu’un: to bump into somebody

Tu ne sais pas sur qui je suis tombé aujourd’hui? don’t you know who I bumped into today?
Je suis tombé sur Marcel: I bumped into Marcel.

You can also use it with things: je suis tombé sur mon vieux livre.

128- Daily French Expression: C’est parti mon kiki: here we go!

Les soldes ont commencé, c’est parti mon kiki: the sales season begun, here we go! Tu viens m’aider à bouger le meuble? – c’est parti mon kiki: Do you want to help me move the furniture? – Here, I am!

129- Daily French Expression: tomber à l’eau: to go up in the air, to fall apart

Ses plans sont tombés à l’eau: His projects fell apart. Son projet de week-end à la campagne tombe à l’eau car il va pleuvoir: her plan to spend the week-end in the countryside come adrift as it will rain!

130- Daily French Expression: Ce n’est pas la mer à boire: it is not a big deal!

Finir le travail à 18h00, ce n’est pas la mer à boire: It is not so hard to finish work at 6pm. J’ai un examen demain! -oh, ce n’est pas la mer à boire: I will take my exam tomorrow! Well, it is not the biggiest thing to face.

131- Daily French Expression: il n’y va pas de main morte: he does not pull his punches

Il n’y va pas de main morte avec le vin: he does not beat around the bush with the wine (he drinks too much)
Pour lutter contre la drogue, le président n’y va pas de main morte: to fight against drugs, the president does not pull his punches.

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

You won’t guess who I bumped into this afternoon? this idiot of Marcel.He told me that the project went up in the air and we have to do it again from the beginning, he said: “it is not a big deal”, so here we go!

132- Daily French Expression: il n’y a pas de quoi faire un drame: don’t make a drama out of that.

Je me suis blessé! – ce n’est rien, il n’y a pas de quoi faire un drame: I hurt myself! – That’s nothing, don’t make a drama out of that.
Tu as perdu 1 euro, tu ne vas pas en faire un drame: you lost 1 euro, you are not going to make a drama out of that!

133- Daily French Expression: Marcher sur les pieds de quelqu’un: to tread on someone’s toes

Ne te laisse pas marcher sur les pieds: Don’t let anyone tread on your toes.
Il se laisse marcher sur les pieds et il ne dit rien: he lets anyone walk all over him and he does not say anything.

134- Daily French Expression: Compter pour du beurre: to count for nothing

Et moi alors? je compte pour du beurre? and what about me? Do I count for nothing? J’ai gagné 100 euros! – ah non, ça compte pour du beurre! I won 100 euros! – No, that does not count.

135- Daily French Expression: Faire la grasse matinée: to have a lie-in

Dimanche, tu ne me réveilles pas, je fais la grasse matinée: Don’t wake me up on Sunday, I will have a lie-in Faire la grasse matinée une fois par semaine c’est génial: Having a lie-in once a week it is great!

136- Daily French Expression: Prendre ses jambes à son cou: to run away

Il a entendu une explosion et il a pris ses jambes à son cou: he heard an explosion and he ran for his life.
Quand elle a vu la foule, ella a fait marche arrière et pris ses jambes à son cou: When she saw the crowd, she backtracked and ran away!

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

He treads on my toes and says that there is no reason to make a drama out of that! Next time I will run away and will have a lie-in on next day!

137- Daily French Expression: Plier bagage: to pack up and go

Je crois qu’il va pleuvoir, il serait temps de plier bagage: I think itis going to rain, it is time to pack up.
À cause des taxes, les investisseurs ont décidé de plier bagage: because of the taxes, investors decided to pack up their bags.

138- Daily French Expression: Avoir les yeux plus grands que le ventre: Having the eyes bigger than the belly

Je n’en peux plus, j’ai eu les yeux plus gros que le ventre: I have had enough, I had the eyes begger than my stomach.
Il ne faut pas avoir les yeux plus gros que le ventre: One should bite off only as much as one can chew.

139- Daily French Expression: Mignon à croquer (to bite): very cute.

Ce chanteur est mignon à croquer: this singer is so cute! Oh, regarde le bébé, il est mignon à croquer: Oh look at the baby, he is so cute.

140- Daily French Expression: Aller au petit coin: to go to the toilet (smallest room)

Il faut que j’aille au petit coin: I need to go to the toilet. Je vais au petit coin, j’ai une envie pressante: I have a sudden urge to go to the toilet.

141- Daily French Expression: Ne plus avoir un poil sur le caillou: he is as bald as an egg

Pierre? il n’a plus un poil sur le caillou: Peter? he is as bald as an egg!

142- Daily French Expression: Avoir un cheveu sur la langue: to have a lisp

On ne comprend rien avec son cheveu sur la langue: We can’t understand a word, he has a lisp!
Elle zozote, elle a un cheveu sur la langue: she is lisping, she has a lisp!

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

The boss was very cute but now he is as bald as an egg and on top of that he has a lisp!
Don’t make me laugh or I will have to go to the toilet!

143- Daily French Expression: Maigre comme un clou: as thin as a rake

Il est maigre comme un clou, un vrai sac d’os: he is as thin as a rake, a real bag of bones!
Tu as vu la top modèle? elle est maigre comme un clou: have you seen this top model? she is as thin as a toothpick.

144- Daily French Expression: à poil: naked

Regarde! le voisin est encore à poil dans son jardin: Look! the neighbour is again naked in his garden.
Il aime se baigner à poil: he likes going skinny-dipping!
Ils l’ont mis à poil dans la douche: they got his clothes off and straight to the shower.

145- Daily French Expression: Au poil: fantastic

C’est au poil cet outil, ça marche super bien: this tool is greet, it works very weel. Le pantalon me va au poil! the trousers fit me fine.

146- Daily French Expression: Avoir les dents longues: to be very ambitious

Les nouveaux ont vraiment les dents longues: the new employees are very ambitious. Le premier ministre a les dents longues, il pourrait devenir président: the prime minister is very ambitious and could be the next president.

147- Daily French Expression: Avoir bon coeur: to be good-hearted

Il a bon-coeur avec sa famille: he is generous with his family
À votre bon coeur, messieurs dames, Dieu vous le rendra! thank you, ladies and gentlemen, God will give you back to you!

148- Daily French Expression: Pas folle la guêpe: he or she is no fool!

Tu as mangé la soupe? – pas folle la guêpe, j’ai bien vu que tu y as mis du poivre: Did you eat your soup? I’m no fool, I saw that you added pepper in it!
Tu as pensé à prendre un parapluie??? Pas folle la guêpe, maintenant il fait beau, mais ils ont dit qu’il va pleuvoir: Why have you brought an umbrella? No fool, now the weather is fine but it will rain later on today.

Translate into French with the expressions of the week:

Have you seen the top-model, she works for a charity and is  really good-hearted.
That’s right, but I have been told that she is very ambitious!
Poor girl, she is as thin as a rake:

149- Daily French Expression: Ne pas être dans son assiette: not feeling very well

Je ne suis pas dans mon assiette aujourd’hui, I am not feeling well today.
Il n’a pas l’air dans son assiette! he does not feel quite himself.

150- Daily French Expression: Péter les plombs: to flip one’s lid, to lose self control

Mais il a pété un plomb, il a cassé l’ordinateur: but he went postal, he broke the computer!
Quand il m’a dit ça, j’ai pété un plomb et je lui ai fichu ma main sur la figure: when he told me that, I lost my self control and slapped him in the face.

151- Daily French Expression: On ne peut pas jouer sur les deux tableaux: you can’t have it both ways

Le député ne peut pas jouer sur les deux tableaux: the member cannot have it both ways. Le député ne peut pas tout avoir: the member cannot have it both ways.

152- Daily French Expression: Qu’est-ce que tu prends? What are you having?

Qu’est-ce que tu prends? une bière? What are you having? a beer? Qu’est-ce que vous prendrez? What will you be having? 

153- Daily French Expression: Rends-moi service: do me a favour!

Tu veux bien me rendre service: will you do me a favour? Elle l’a fait pour rendre service à sa mère: she did it as a favour to her mother.

154- Daily French Expression: Je n’y peux rien: there is nothing I can do about it

Désolé, mais je n’y peux rien: Sorry but there is nothing I can do about it!
Désolé, mais il n’y a rien que je puisse faire.

155- Daily French Expression: pour faire plaisir à quelqu’un: to please someone

Je l’ai fait pour te faire plaisir: I did it to please you.
ça va lui faire plaisir: this will please him

156- Daily French Expression: ça n’a aucun sens: it does not make sense

Mais ça n’as aucun sens ce que tu dis: what you are saying does not make any sense.
ça n’a aucun sens de l’accuser: it does not make sense to accuse him.

157- Daily French Expression: se debrouiller: to make do.

Ne t’inquiètes pas, on se débrouillera: don’t worry, we will make do. C’est de ta faute; débrouille-toi! it is your fault, sort things out yourself.Do we say “cest ta faute” or “c’est de ta faute”: both are acceptable in French, but when we write “c’est ta faute” is better.

158- Daily French Expression: Tope-là! give me five, high five.

On a gagné, tope-là! we won, give me five!

159- Daily French Expression: Ne dis pas n’importe quoi: don’t talk nonsense

Arrête, ne dis pas n’importe quoi: Stop it, don’t talk nonsense.
Il raconte n’importe quoi: he is talking nonsense.

160- Daily French Expression: Tu as appris la nouvelle? did you hear the news?

Hé, au fait, tu as apprisla dernière? hey, by the way, did you hear the news?
Tu as appris la nouvelle au sujet de Pierre? Did you hear the news about Peter?

161- Daily French Expression: ça me paraît bien: sounds good to me

Qu’est-ce que tu en penses? – ça me paraît bien! How does it sound to you? sounds good to me!

162- Daily French Expression: rester en contact: to keep in touch.

Je te laisse mon numéro et on reste en contact: I am giving you my phone number and we will keep in touch.
Restons en contact: let’s keep in touch!
Je te recontacte: keep in touch!

163- Daily French Expression: Je vous le mets de côté: I’ll hold it for you

Tenez, le courrier! Je vous le mets de côté: here, the letters! I’ll hold it for you. Je te mets ton porte-monnaie de côté: I’ll hold your wallet for you.

164- Daily French Expression: Prendre du poids: to put on weight Il a pris du poids: he put on weight. ça peut aider la prise de poids: it can help make people put on weight.

165- Daily French Expression: Promener le chien: to walk the dog

Je me suis levé pour promener le chien: I woke up to walk the dog

166- Daily French Expression: Faire les cents pas: to walk up and down

Arrête de faire les cents pas, tu m’énerves: stop walking up and down, it gets on my nerves!
Il faisait les cent pas devant la maternité: he was walking up and down in front of the maternity hospital.

167- Daily French Expression: Diriger une entreprise: to run a business

Il dirige sa propre entreprise: he runs his own business.
Une entreprise familiale: a family run business

168- Daily French Expression: Tomber en panne d’essence: to run out of petrol

Après 2 kilomètres, ils sont tombés en panne d’essence: after 2 kilometres, they ran out of petrol

169- Daily French Expression: Passer chez quelqu’un: to call on someone Je passerai te voir demain: I will call on you tomorrow. Je passe chez toi à 5 heures: I will call on you at 5pm

170- Daily French Expression: Nuit blanche: sleepless night

On a passé dehors une nuit blanche: we stay out all night.
Je ne compte pas les nuits blanches à cause du travail: I don’t count the sleepless nights because of my job.

171- Daily French Expression: Se coucher tard: to stay up late

Ne te couche pas trop tard: don’t stay up too late.
Ne laissez pas vos enfants se coucher trop tard devant la télé: Don’t let your children stay up too late in front of the tv.

172- Daily French Expression: Pris la main dans le sac: caught red handed

C’était lui le voleur, il a été pris la main dans le sac: He was the thieve, he has been caught red handed.
La chanteuse, prise la main dans le sac, boit trop: the singer, caught red handed, drinks too much.

173- Daily French Expression: Mettre la table: to lay the table

Tu viens m’aider à mettre la table: will you help me lay the table?
Tu mets la table, je fais la cuisine: you lay the table and I will cook.

174- Daily French Expression: ça parle de quoi? What is it about?

Le film ce soir, ça parle de quoi? the movie tonight, what is it about?
Tu as fini le livre? ça parle de quoi? You finished reading the book? what is it about?

175- Daily French Expression: à quoi ça sert? what’s that for?

La clé à coté de l’ordinateur, à quoi ça sert? the key next to the computer, what is it for? Je ne sais pas à quoi ça sert: I don’t know what it is for!

176- Daily French Expression: facile à vivre: easy-going

Il est très facile à vivre: he is really easy-going

177- Daily French Expression: Il fait froid, ça va refroidir: it is getting cold

Weather: Il fait froid ce soir: it is getting cold tonight
Food: Mange, ça va refroidir: Eat, it is getting cold.

178- Daily French Expression: Jusqu’ici, tout va bien: so far so good

Jusqu’ici tout va bien mais ce n’est pas l’exacte réalité: so far so good but it is not the full picture.
Jusque là, ça va: so far so good!

179- Daily French Expression: Mordu de: Mad about

C’est un mordu de foot: he is mad about football.
Elle est mordue de jazz: she is mad about jazz.

180- Daily French Expression: Faites comme chez vous: Make yourself at home

Voilà, vous êtes chez moi, faites comme chez vous: Here you are in my home, make yourself at home.

181- Daily French Expression: Par ici, par là: this way, that way.

Vous passez par ici s’il vous plaît: this way please.
Pas par ici mais par là: not this way but that way!

182- Daily French Expression: être en avance: to be ahead of

Il est en avance sur nous: he is ahead of us.
Il est en avance sur son temps: he is ahead of time.

183- Daily French Expression: Mon jour de congé: my day off

C’est mon seul jour de congé: it is my unique day off.
Je vais prendre un jour de repos: I will take a day off.

184- Daily French Expression: Attention à la marche: Mind the step (the gap)

Les portes sont ouvertes, Faites attention à la marche: Doors open, mind the gap!

185- Daily French Expression: On ne sait jamais: you never know

C’est un gros problème mais on ne sait jamais: it is a big problem but you never know.
On ne sait jamais ce qui peut arriver: you never know what can happen.

186- Daily French Expression: Mon Dieu: my gosh

Oh mon Dieu! oh my Gosh!
Bon sang, c’est trop difficile: my Gosh, it is too difficult.

187- Daily French Expression: Ce n’est pas grave: never mind

Ce n’est pas grave si il dit le contraire: never mind if he tells the opposite.
Il y a plus de grève en France mais ce n’est pas grave: there are more strikes in France but never mind.

188- Daily French Expression: Non mais: we use this expression in reply of a situation we don’t like, the way of saying it is a bit aggressive, see examples there:

Non mais dites donc? Hey you, what do you think you are doing?
Non mais des fois, tu me prends pour qui? : for God sake, what do you take me for?
Non mais, est-ce que ça te regarde? is it your business?
Non mais sans blague, ça ne va pas dans ta petite tête? come on, aren’t you nuts?
Non mais, quel culot: what a cheek!
As you can here we “eat” the first part “ne” of the negative form when we speak.

189- Daily French Expression: et puis quoi encore? whatever next? (ironic), no way.

Nettoyer, laver, essuyer et puis quoi encore? To clean, to wash, to wipe and whatever next?
Et puis quoi encore? je ne vais pas tout faire: and what next? I am not going to do it all!
Tu veux que je mange ça??? et puis quoi encore? You want me to eat that??? no way!

190- Daily French Expression: Allez savoir (va savoir): Go figure, who knows.

Il ne viendra pas! allez savoir: he won’t come! who knows!
Allez savoir pourquoi! Go figure why!
Pourquoi il a fait ça? allez savoir: Why did he do that? go figure!
Comment a-t-elle fait? va savoir? How did she do that? who knows!

191- Daily French Expression: Je n’en sais rien, another way of saying I don’t know.

We can say “je ne sais pas” but “je n’en sais rien” or simply “j’en sais rien” is very common.
It is the translation of ‘I have no idea’, ‘I don’t know anything about it’.
Il est où Pierre? J’en sais rien: Where is Peter? I don’t know.
C’est quoi ce truc? J’en sais rien du tout: What is this thing? I have no idea!
Mais j’en sais rien, moi, demande à Pierre! But I have no idea, ask Peter!

192- Daily French Expression: Tôt ou tard: sooner or later

Tôt ou tard, ça arrivera: sooner or later, it will happen.
C’est évident que tôt ou tard il viendra: It becomes obvious that sooner or later he will come.

193- Daily French Expression: Mieux vaut tard que jamais: better late than never

J aurais aimé que vous le receviez plus tôt mais mieux vaut tard que jamais: I wish you received it a little earlier, but better late than never.

194- Daily French Expression: Plus on est de fous, plus on rit: the more, the merrier

J’ai invité tous les voisins! – tu as raison, plus on est de fous plus on rit: I invited all the neighbours! – well done, the more, the merrier.

195- Daily French Expression: ça ne vaut pas la peine: It is not worth it

Je n’en veux pas, ça ne vaut pas la peine: I don’t want it, it is not worth it.
ça ne vaut pas la peine de faire tant d’efforts: it is not worthy to make so many efforts.

196- Daily French Expression: se débrouiller comme un manche: to make a real mess of something.

Bon, laisse-moi faire, tu te débrouilles comme un manche: Well, let me do, you are making a real mess.
The word “manche” is an abbreviation of “manchot” (one-armed person or no-armed person) but there are more explanations as “un mache” is also ‘the sleeve’ of a tool. ‘to have two left feet’.

197- Daily French Expression: Être en nage: to make sweat

Le tavail m’a mis en nage: the work made me sweat.
Je suis toujours en nage apres le sport: after sport I am always pouring with sweat.
Pay attention: faire suer which is the translation word for word of to make sweat means to annoy in French! 

198- Daily French Expression: S’emmêler les pinceaux: to get all tied up

Je me suis expliqué mais je me suis emmêlé les pinceaux: I explained myself but I mixed all up.
Les hommes politiques s’emmêlent souvent les pinceaux: politicians often get in a muddle.

199- Daily French Expression: Jeter un froid: to cast a chill

Il a dit qu’il n’aimait pas son gâteau et ça a jeté un froid: he said that he did not like the cake and it cast a chill.
La déclaration du président a jété un froid entre les deux pays: What the president said cast a chill between the two countries.

We also say: “refroidir l’ambiance”

200- Daily French Expression: Lâche-moi les baskets: get off my back

Hé, tu me lâches les baskets? Hey, give me a break!

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