French and Spanish Keyboard

French and Spanish Keyboard (WIndows / Mac)


 1 Windows:

You need foreign accents to write in French or in Spanish:

– Go to, choose a beginner section then the icon French and Spanish Keyboard, use the window like a word processor.

– Go to install Click-N-Type which is free and choose the lanaguage you want.

2 Mac Lion

In any Word Processor: Type and keep clicking on any vowel, you will see a new window displayed with all the accents you want (like on the iPhone or iPad). Very clever as you don’t need to open another software or window.

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1 thought on “French and Spanish Keyboard”

  1. An easier way to get a keyboard with the accents in window is:
    Window start button / control panel / change keyboards and other input methods / tab=keyboards and other language / change keyboards / choose United States International for the keyboard layout. This allows you to type the ‘ (apostrophe) key and then a vowel to put an acute accent on a vowel, i.e. é, á, ó, etc. The apostrophe also create the c cedilla, ç.  The top left key plays the same function for the grave accent – è, ì, etc. Trema / umlaut is the “ (quote) key, ä, ï, etc. which is of course Shift +the apostrophe key. To actually get the apostrophe or the quotes, you must press the key and then the space bar. 

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