Faire faire in French

Faire faire in French

1. Faire faire: to have … done.

You know that “faire” means ‘to do’ or ‘to make’, but do you know “faire faire”?

When you say: Je fais la vaisselle, you mean that you are doing the washing-up.
But if you say: je fais faire la vaisselle, you means that you have the washing-up done (by somebody else)

So, the meaning of faire + infinitve is to have something done by somebody else! = to have … done.

Nous allons faire faire des travaux dans la maison: we are going to have some work done in the house.
I have got one or two things for you to do: J’ai deux ou trois trucs à te faire faire.

2. Faire + Infinitive

Je peins la maison: I am painting the house
Je fais peindre la maison: I have the house painted

Il répare la voiture: he is repairing the car
Il fait réparer la voiture: he has the car repaired

Il entre dans la pièce: he comes in the room
Il fait entrer quelqu’un dans la pièce: he lets somebody in

Le patient mange sa soupe: the patient is eating his soap
Je fais manger le patient: I am feeding the patient

Il a fait s’échapper le chien: he let the dog out (the dog did not go out, the guilty is him)

I had him paint the house: je lui ai fait peindre la maison
Did you have him paint the house? tu lui as fait peindre la maison?
No, I didn’t have him do it, he did it himself: Non je ne lui ai pas fait faire, il l’a fait de lui-même.

Se faire + infinitive

The meaning is the same, there is always someone else acting but this time it is for you or the person who you are talking to.
Il s’est fait virer: he was fired (by someone else)
Il se fait apporter le petit-déjeuner tous les matins: he has the breakfast brought to him every morning.
Elle va se faire gronder: she will get herself told off.

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