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Emporter vs Emmener – Apporter vs Amener

Emporter vs Emmener – Apporter vs Amener

1. Porter

Meaning: to carry, and sometimes to take

We use Porter just to say that we carry something, no matter where you go or where you come from.
You can Porter things and also people.

Je porte les valises
Mes jambes ne me portent plus
Je vais porter l’argent à la banque

Porter also means to wear: Je porte un pull

2. Emporter

Meaning: to take (for things)

We use Emporter to say that we take something with us from a starting spot where you are.

J’emporte un parapluie, means that you are at home and before leaving you decide to take an umbrella with you to go out.

J’emporte de quoi lire
Pizza à emporter
Il emporte un pull ( he puts it in his bag before leaving but he is not wearing it)
Il a emporté un pull (past event, now he is not at home, but when he was at home, he took a sweater)

Remporter: to take back what someone took to you

3. Apporter

Meaning: to bring (for things)

We use Apporter to say that we bring something with us to a final sport where we will give it.

J’apporte des fleurs (you are at your parents’s home and you brought flowers you want to give to them)
One the phone: Apporte le livre (you are at home but you receive a call from someone on a final sport who wants you to bring the book)
Le vent apporte la pluie

Rapporter: to bring back

4. Mener

Meaning: To lead, to take to

This verb is not really used nowadays for people

Cette route mène au village

5. Emmener

Meaning: To take along (for people, animals)

We use Emmener to say that we take someone from a starting spot to go out.

Je t’emmène manger: you are at home with a friend and you want to take him along with you to go to eat outside
Il faut l’emmener chez le médecin

Remmener: to take some back home for example (from a starting spot), however, we prefer to use Ramener.

6. Amener

Meaning: To bring (for people, animals)

Amène-nous les enfants (you receive a call from your parents and because they want to see your children and they are on the final spot, they use the verb amener)
Le taxi nous a amenés (we are at our final spot thanks to the taxi who brought us here)

Ramener: to bring back to a final sport

Can you see now the difference?

Je porte la valise
J’emporte la valise
J’apporte la valise

  1. You just carry the suitcase
  2. You take it with you from home to go out
  3. You bring it to a final spot and want to give it

Quiz Apporter – Amener / Emporter -Emmener

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