Du Coup in English

What does DU COUP mean in English.

A very common expression, very useful. There are many expressions in French the word coup, so please, don’t be confused.
This expression is not Slang as I can read in some blogs or websites, it is a normal expression in French.

DU COUP means as a result, consequently but can be used to say so!
Synonyms: par conséquent, en conséquence (but du coup is more common and less ponderous)

Il n’y a pas de bus ce matin, du coup je suis parti à pied.
There is no bus this morning, so I walked.

After a conversation with someone, you can start with this expression:
Et du coup, tu comptes faire quoi ?
So, what have you planned ?

The expression du coup can be at the end or sometimes in the middle of your sentence: Tu comptes faire quoi, du coup ?

Les actions ont baissé, du coup, j’ai perdu pas mal d’argent
Shares have fallen, as a result, I lost quite a lot of money

Tu es malade ? du coup, ça tombe bien (ça tombe bien du coup), on reste à la maison.
You are ill? well (so), that’s perfect ! we stay at home.

Exercises, use the expression DU COUP in your translation:
Click on the English sentence to see the French one.

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