Demonstrative in French – Part I

Demonstrative in French – Part I: Adjectives

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The translation of: This, That, These, Those in French.

This (m)Ce / Cet
That (m)Ce / Cet
This or That (f)Cette
These, Those (p)Ces

The demonstrative adjective is masculine when it is followed by a masculine word in French: This book (livre is masculine in French):
Ce livre

This friend, your friend is a boy: cet ami
Your friend is a girl: cette amie

Rule: As you can see, we add a final ‘t’ when the following word starts with a vowel. This is the difference between Ce and Cet:
Ce: for masculine words starting with a consonant
Cet: for masculine words starting with a vowel
Cette for all feminine words

– Ces is a unique form for masculine or feminine plural.

This or That have the same translation but if you want to stress the difference because you use both terms in your sentence, you will add -ci or -là at the end of the noun: ce livre-ci!

This bookCe livre / Ce livre-ci
That bookCe livre / Ce livre-là
This manCet homme / Cet homme-ci
These booksCes livres / Ces livres-ci
Those booksCes livres / Ces livres-là

This house or that house?: cette maison-ci or cette maison-là?
And that’s all!


Image for French Demonstrative Adjectives:

french demonstrative
Image French Demonstrative Adjectives

The next lesson is about the Pronouns: Demonstrative Pronouns

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