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Demonstrative in French – Part II Pronouns

Demonstrative in French – Part II: PRONOUNS

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1 – Translation of This one, That one, These ones, Those ones:

Masculine Feminine
This one Celui-ci Celle-ci
That one Celui-là Celle-là
These ones Ceux-ci Celles-ci
Those ones Ceux-là Celles-là

The demonstrative pronoun is masculine when it is used for a masculine word.

Example: Book is masculine in French

I want this one: je veux celui-ci
I want that one: je veux celui-là

Flower is feminine

I like this one: j’aime celle-ci
I like that one: j’aime celle-là

2 – Translation of That of, Those of:

Masculine Feminine
That of Celui de Celle de
Those of Ceux de Celles de


A book like that of Peter: un livre comme celui de Peter
Books like those of Peter: des livres comme ceux de Peter

But “that of” in English is not always written, these demonstratives can also be the translation of “x’s one”:

A book like Peter’s (or Peter’s one): un livre comme celui de Peter.

3 – Translation of The one that, the one who, those that, which…

The one that: Celui que / qui – Celle que / qui
The one who: Celui que / qui – Celle que / qui
Those that: Ceux que / qui – Celles que / qui
Those who: Ceux que / qui – Celles que / qui


The one that is on the table: celui qui est sur la table
The one that I have seen: celui que j’ai vu

(Please have a look at the lesson about qui and que to understand how to use them: HERE)

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