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Daily French Expressions – Week 86

Daily French Expressions

Here are the French expressions we saw this week for those who follow me on facebook, the address is:

444 – Daily French Expression: Faire le zozo: to clown about

We have several expressions to say the same thing: faire le zozo, faire le clown, faire le pitre…







445 – Daily French Expression: M’en fous: I don’t care

Instead of “je m’en fous”, you can just say “m’en fous”.









446 – Daily French Expression: Avoir le coeur sur la main: to be open-handed, to be generous

Literally to have our heart on the hands.










447 – Daily French Expression: Se serrer les coudes: to stick together

Serrer means ‘to hold tight’ and “un coude” is an ‘elbow’. Il faut se serrer les coudes: we must hold tight.








448 – Daily French Expression: Pour dépanner: to help

Dépanner means to repare, to fix, but we use the verb to say to help out. Tu peux me dépanner de 5 euros: can you spare me 5 euros?

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