Contractions in French: Subject + Verb

Contractions in French: Subject + Verb

In English we have I’m, You’re, I’ve etc, in French too when we speak. Some will say that it is not correct French but it is the way we speak, so if you want to understand French people speaking, this lesson is useful.

Before a vowel TU becomes t’:

Tu as = t’as
Tu es = t’es
Tu arrives = t’arrives
Tu écoutes = t’écoutes

Before a consonant IL becomes i

Il vient = i vient
Il ne vient pas = i vient pas
Il mange = i mange

Not before a vowel because of the connection between the two words: Il arrive = i larrive, as you can see the liaison is so strong that the pronunciation is not exactly “il+arrive”

Before a consonant ELLE becomes ey

Elle vient = ey vient
Elle ne vient pas = ey vient pas
Elle court = ey court

We have the same rule before a vowel as the pronoun IL: elle arrive = ey larrive

ILS and ELLES before a consonant:

Ils viennent: i viennent
Elles viennent = ey viennent

ILS and ELLES before a vowel:

Ils aiment = i zaiment
Elles aiment = ey zaiment

Of course, you can use the correct form when you speak but you will hear a lot the pronunciations above.
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