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Comparative in French

Comparative in French

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1- More…, less…, as… + ADJECTIVE or ADVERB + than or as

More beautiful than
Less slowly than

More…than : Plus…que
Less…than: Moins…que
As…as: aussi…que


Pierre is bigger than his brother: Pierre est plus grand que son frère
The new HST (High Speed Train) goes faster than the old one: Le nouveau TGV va plus vite que l’ancien
This baguette is cheaper than that bread: Cette baguette est moins chère que ce pain

He is as funny as you: Il est aussi amusant que toi
The train goes as slowly as my bike: le train va aussi lentement que mon vélo

2- More…, Fewer…, as… + NOUN + than, as

More houses

Fewer  apples

More…than: plus de…que
Less…than: moins de…que

As…as: Autant de…que


This house has more windows than that one: Cette maison a plus de fenêtres que celle-là
This shop sells fewer things than the supermarket: Ce magasin vend moins de choses que le supermarché
Pierre has as many books as his brother: Pierre a autant de livres que son frère

3- VERB + more than, less than, as much as

I work more than…

He works less than…

More (than): Plus (que)
Less (than): Moins (que)
As much (as)! Autant (que)


I work more than you: Je travaille plus que toi
She eats more than her older sister: Elle mange plus que sa soeur plus agée
I work as much as you: Je travaille autant que toi

Exercise Comparative in French

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