Comparative in French

Comparative in French

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1- More…, less…, as… + ADJECTIVE or ADVERB + than or as

More beautiful than
Less slowly than

More…than : Plus…que
Less…than: Moins…que
As…as: aussi…que


Pierre is bigger than his brother: Pierre est plus grand que son frère
The new HST (High Speed Train) goes faster than the old one: Le nouveau TGV va plus vite que l’ancien
This baguette is cheaper than that bread: Cette baguette est moins chère que ce pain

He is as funny as you: Il est aussi amusant que toi
The train goes as slowly as my bike: le train va aussi lentement que mon vélo

2- More…, Fewer…, as… + NOUN + than, as

More houses

Fewer  apples

More…than: plus de…que
Less…than: moins de…que

As…as: Autant de…que


This house has more windows than that one: Cette maison a plus de fenêtres que celle-là
This shop sells fewer things than the supermarket: Ce magasin vend moins de choses que le supermarché
Pierre has as many books as his brother: Pierre a autant de livres que son frère

3- VERB + more than, less than, as much as

I work more than…

He works less than…

More (than): Plus (que)
Less (than): Moins (que)
As much (as)! Autant (que)


I work more than you: Je travaille plus que toi
She eats more than her older sister: Elle mange plus que sa soeur plus agée
I work as much as you: Je travaille autant que toi

Exercise Comparative in French

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  1. Best French lessons on or off the net.  Just one suggestion, please SLOW DOWN!!  You give great lessons but they are so fast it is hard to get it all.
    merci beaucoup
    merci mille fois
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