Colors in French

Colors in French

1. Main Colors in French

Noir: black
Blanc: white
Bleu: blue
Jaune: yellow
Rouge: red
Vert: green
Gris: grey
Marron: brown
Rose: Pink
Orange: orange

french colors

2. Feminine Forms of colors

The Colors that not end with a E have a different feminine form:
The feminine form of ROUGE is ROUGE but
Noire, blanche, verte, grise, bleue.

3. Nouns and Adjectives

Colors can be nouns: le bleu du ciel
Colors can be adjectives: le ciel bleu

4. Plural

They take a final s.
Some colors are invariable: they have just one form, no feminine, no plural forms. Words coming from vegetables, fruits, flowers like marron and orange, however there are some exceptions like rose and mauve.

Des ballons orange (no s), des livres marron (no s) but des fleurs roses !

5. Combined colors

Invariable: des yeux bleu-vert (no s), il a les yeux gris-bleu
Shade: foncé (dark), clair (light), des yeux foncés but des yeux bleu-foncé (no s), la fleur est bleu clair (no e)




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