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Colloquial Expressions Ouch, Yuk…

Expressions: Video Here

1- Onomatopoeia:

  • Aïe, Ouïlle : Ouch
  • Youpi: yippee
  • Ouf: phew
  • Bof: not a lot, not really, not so good
  • Chut: sh
  • Beurk, Berk: Yuk
  • Miam Miam: Yum Yum

2- You like, you don’t like:

  • C’est chouette: it’s cool
  • C’est nul: it is worthless, it is no good
  • C’est moche: it’s ugly
  • C’est barbant: It’s borring
  • C’est au poil: it’s great

3- Expressions with a firstname:

  • Tout juste, Auguste: exactly
  • Cool, Raoul: Calm down
  • Relaxe, Max: Tale it easy
  • A l’aise, Blaise: at ease
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