Passé Composé – Pronominal Verbs

Passé Composé – Pronominal Verbs (reflexive)


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Subjunctive in French – Part 2

French Subjunctive Mood:

– Subjunctive in French – Part 1
– Subjunctive in French – Part 2
– Past subjunctive in French

Lesson Part 2
1. Sentences with QUE
2. Expressions that require the subjunctive
3. Subjunctive or not?

French Subjunctive Mood – When to use it

In the part 1, we saw that the word subjunctive means “put after”, so to get the subjunctive in French we need something before and it is usually the word “that” or “que” in French, like the espression “it is important that you be…”

the video is here:

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