Apprendre – To Learn in French

Apprendre – To Learn in French

1. Apprendre + noun or adverb:

J’apprends le français: I learn French
J’apprends le français depuis deux ans: I have been learning French for two years
Il apprend la cuisine: He learns cooking
Le français s’apprend facilement: French is easy to learn
Les enfants apprennent vite: the children learn quickly
En cours, je n’apprends rien: at school, I learn nothing.
Past Tense:

J’ai appris le français il y a longtemps: I learnt French a long time ago.
Elle n’a pas appris les bonnes manières: she did not learn good manners.

Apprendre also means to tell something new, to hear something new:
Tu ne m’apprends rien: you haven’t told me anything new!
Ça y est, il a appris la nouvelle: Finally, he heard the news!
Il m’a appris la nouvelle: he told me the news
J’ai appris à Pierre la nouvelle: I told Pierre the news.
On apprend à l’instant que le président est mort: we’ve just heard that the president is dead.

2. Apprendre à + verb:

Tu as appris à nager où? Where did you learn to swim?
Nous devons apprendre à nous connaître: we need to get to know each other.
Il a appris à lire très jeune: he learnt how to read very young.

Apprendre sometimes means to teach:
Je vais lui apprendre moi! I am going to teach him!
Il a appris à son perroquet à dire bonjour: he taught his parrot to say hello
(it would be better to use the verb “enseigner” but many French prefer apprendre)
Ça lui apprendra! That will teach him!
Ça t’apprendra! That will teach you!
Je t’apprendrai à regarder dans mes affaires! I’ll teach you to go trough my things!

3. Expressions:

Apprendre par coeur: to learn by heart.
Tu ne vas pas m’apprendre mon métier? you are not going to teach me my job?
J’en ai appris de belles sur Michelle: I heard things about Michelle.
Qu’est-ce que j’apprends? tu t’en vas en vacances? What’s this I hear about you? you go to holidays?
Apprendre sur le tas: to learn on the job.
Apprendre à compter sur soi: to be more confident (tu dois apprendre à compter sur toi!)
Apprendre en s’amusant: to learn while having good time.

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