The 4 YOU in French

In French we have the subjects “tu” and “vous”, but vous means 3 different things. You in French

1. Tu: you (singular)

Informal you with a friend, a colleague, someone you can be  familiar with.

Tu viens? Are you coming?

Abbreviation: tu becomes t’ when the verb starts with a vowel:

Tu as mal? T’as mal (does it hurt?)
Tu es amusant. T’es amusant (you are funny)
Tu apprends le français. T’apprends le français?

2. Vous: you (singular)

Here you are speaking to one person.

3. Vous: you (plural)

Informal, plural of “tu”: friends, colleagues but more than one

Comment allez-vous les amis? How are you, my friends?

4. Vous: you (plural)

Formal, plural of “vous”: people you can’t be familiar with but more than one

Bonjour messieurs, comment allez-vous? Good morning sirs, how are you?

you in French

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