2 ways to ask Which in French

2 ways to ask Which in French: video

1. Quel

Quel is the masculine singular form, as this word agrees with the gender of the following word:

Quel: forms
1. Quel (masculine singular)
2. Quelle (feminine singular)
3. Quels (masculine plural)
4. Quelles (feminine plural)

Which cake would you like?  Quel gâteau aimeriez-vous ?
Gâteau is masculine and here singular so: quel!

Which cakes would you like?  Quels gâteaux aimeriez-vous ?
Gâteaux is masculine and here plural: Quels!

Which house did you buy?  Quelle maison avez-vous achetée ?
Maison is feminine and here singular so: Quelle!

2. Lequel

The same thing for Lequel:

Lequel: forms
1. Lequel (masculine singular)
2. laquelle (feminine singular)
3. Lesquels (masculine plural)
4. Lesquelles (feminine plural)

We use Lequel where there is no noun in the question, just which.

Which is the best?  Lequel est le meilleur ? or Laquelle est la meilleure ?
Which are the best?  Lesquels sont les meilleurs ? or Lesquelles sont les meilleures ?

3. Two translations

Which book is the best?
Quel livre est le meilleur ?
Lequel de ces livres est le meilleur ?

4. Expressions

Which one? Lequel? Laquelle?
Which ones? Lesquels ? Lesquelles?

Image for Which question in French:

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Quel vs Lequel exercise quiz:

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