French Weather Future / le Temps

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1. Il fera beau / The weather will be nice
2. Il fera chaud / It will be warm or hot
3. Il fera froid / It will be cold
4. Il fera mauvais / The weather will be bad
5. Il pleuvra / It will rain
6. Il neigera / It will snow
7. Il y aura du vent / There will be wind
8. Le vent soufflera / The wind will blow
9. Ouest / West
10. Est / East
11. Sud / South
12. Nord / North
13. Il fera 15 degrés / We will have 15°

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Nord: we don't say the final D, and for the liaison with a following word starting with a vowel, the liaison is made with the lettre R.
Nord-Ouest: NoRouest.
But Sud-Est = SuDest