French Numbers 0 to 20 / les Nombres

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0. Zéro / Zero
1. Un, une / One
2. Deux / Two
3. Trois / Three
4. Quatre / Four
5. Cinq / Five
6. Six / Six
7. Sept / Seven
8. Huit / Eight
9. Neuf / Nine
10. Dix / Ten
11. Onze / Eleven
12. Douze / Twelve
13. Treize / Thirteen
14. Quatorze / Fourteen
15. Quinze / Fifteen
16. Seize / Sixteen
17. Dix-sept / Seventeen
18. Dix-huit / Eighteen
19. Dix-neuf / Nineteen
20. Vingt / Twenty

French numbers 0 to 20

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Pronunciation Help:

Un is the masculine word, there is a liaison with the following word starting with a vowel: j'ai un ami = j'ai un nami.
Une is the feminine form.
Deux, we don't pronounce the x, but in a liaison it is said like a z: deux amis = deu zami.
The same thing for trois= trois amis (zamis)
Quatre is sometimes pronounced kat.
Cinq is sometimes pronounced sin: sin livres.
Six and Dix have 3 ways of saying them, alone we say the final X like a S: sis, dis. Before a word starting with a consonnant, we just say: si or di: si livres. And before a vowel like a Z: si zamis.
We write Sept, but we say set!
Huit with a T but not before a consonnant: hui livres
The F of neuf is sometimes like a V: neuf heures = neu veure but neuf amis = neu fami!
The T of Vingt is said in a liaison: vingt amis: vin tami.



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