French Health and Care / Santé et Soins

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1. Se laver / To wash oneself
2. Je me lave les dents / I clean my teeth (I am cleaning)
3. Je vais me laver les dents / I am going to clean my teeth
4. Je me brosse les dents / I brush my teeth
5. Je prends une douche / I have a shower
6. Je prends un bain / I have a bath
7. Le shampoing / Shampoo
8. Je me lave les cheveux / I wash my hair
9. Le savon / The soap
10. Le gel douche / Shower gel
11. Le dentifrice / Toothpast
12. La brosse à dents / Toothbrush
13. Le coton tige / Cotton bud, cotton swab
14. Je fais mon shampoing  / I wash my hair
15. Je me coupe les ongles / I cut my nails

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Present Continuous

We can use the present tense in French to express the continuous present in English.
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Reflexive verbs

Many verbs related to the body are reflexive in French, se laver is one of them. The lesson with video is here: Reflexive verbs