Would in French / Manger

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Listen to the vocabulary using the Audio Player, Just click on the words. How to translate would in French and polite expressions to ask.

1. Je voudrais / I would like
2. Tu voudrais / You would like
3. Il, elle voudrait / He, she would like
4. Nous voudrions / We would like
5. Vous voudriez / You would like
6. Ils, elles voudraient / They would like
7. Je prendrais un café / I would have a coffee
8. Tu prendrais / You would take, have
9. Il, elle prendrait   / He, she would take
10. Nous prendrions   / We would have ...
11. Vous prendriez / You would have
12. Ils, elles prendraient / They would have ...



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