French Food / les Verbes

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Listen to the vocabulary using the Audio Player, Just click on the words. how to use verbs related to food in French.

1. Manger / To eat
2. Boire / To drink
3. Avaler / To swallow
4. Goûter / To sample, to take an afterschool snack
5. Diner / To have dinner
6. Souper / To have supper
7. Déguster / To taste
8. Savourer / To savour
9. Alimenter / To feed
10. Nourrir / To take a meal
11. Prendre un repas / To take a meal
12. Mâcher / To chew

to eat in French





How to use

Je mange mon repas; je mange du riz, je mange des légumes, je mande la salade.
Tu bois de l'eau, elle boit du vin ou de la bière.
Je goûte ta cuisine.
Il prend un repas à la cantine.

As you can see, we need de, de l', du, de la or des with these verbs, depending on their gender.