French Days / les jours

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1. Jour (m) / Day
2. Semaine (f) / Week
3. Lundi (m) / Monday
4. Mardi / Tuesday
5. Mercredi / Wednesday
6. Jeudi / Thursday
7. Vendredi / Friday
8. Samedi / Saturday
9. Dimanche / Sunday
10. Aujourd'hui / Today
11. Demain / Tomorrow
12. Hier / Yesterday
13. à bientôt / See you soon
14. à demain / See you tomorrow
15. à la semaine prochaine / See you next week
16. à lundi / See you on Monday
17. Mardi matin / Tuesday morning
18. Jeudi après-midi / Thursday afternoon
19. Je vais à l'école le lundi / I go to school on Mondays
20. J'irai à l'école lundi / I will go to school on Monday

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In the Morning

I learn French in the morning: J'apprends le français le matin (in the morning can be this morning or in the mornings, there is a difference in French, if you want to say this morning, you need "ce": J'apprends le français ce matin, you can use "le" for a repeated action)
I play football in the afternoon: Je joue au football l'après-midi (or cet après-midi: this afternoon)
I work in the evening: je travaille le soir
I teach at night: J'enseigne le soir (we do not use nuit here to translate night, as nuit is very late in French)


on Monday(s)

I will learn French on Monday: J'apprendrai le français lundi (the meaning is next Monday)
As you can see, we don't translate "on" but:
I learn French on Mondays: j'apprends le français le lundi.
So, le lundi, le mardi etc... means every Monday, Tuesday...
I have a meeting on Tuesday 25th: j'ai un rendez-vous (le) mardi 25.
I have a meeting on Monday: j'ai un rendez-vous lundi