Computer Verbs / Ordinateur

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Listen to the vocabulary using the Audio Player, Just click on the words. Verbs related to computer in French.

1. Surfer is regular: to surf
Je surfe, tu surfes, il or elle surfe, nous surfons, vous surfez, ils or elles surfent.

2.Envoyer: to send
J'envoie, tu envoies, il envoie, nous envoyons, vous envoyez, ils envoient.

3. Recevoir: to receive, to get
Je reçois, tu reçois, il reçoit, nous recevons, vous recevez, ils reçoivent.

You may ask why a "ç" (c cedilla) before the letter "o" and not the letter "e". This is because of a difference between some vowels in French, the letters "a","o" and "u" are hard vowels and the letters "e", "i" are soft. After some letters like "c" or "g" the sound is not the same:
- ca is like ka, but ça is like sa
- co is ko, ço is so
-but ce = se, ci = si



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