French Clothes / Les vêtements

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1. Vêtement (m) / Clothes
2. Chemise (f) / Shirt
3. Veste  (f) / Jacket
4. Pull over (m) / Jumper
5. Sweat shirt (m) / Sweat
6. Manteau (m) / Coat
7. Pantalon (m) singular / Trousers
8. Jean (m) / Jean
9. Short (m) / Short
10. Jupe (f) / Skirt
11. Robe (f) / Dress
12. Gant (m) / Glove
13. Chaussette (f) / Sock
14. Chaussure (f) / Shoe
15. Casquette (f) / Cap
16. Ceinture (f) / Belt
17. Slip (m) / Underpants
18. Cravate (f) / Tie



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The word PANTALON in French is singular, un pantalon: Où est mon pantalon ? Where are my trousers?

Slang Words

Vêtements: les fringues
Verbe: fringuer, saper
Je suis bien fringué (well dressed)
Comment t'es sapé ?
Un costard: un costume
Un futal, un froc: un pantalon
Des pompes: des chaussures

Clothing Verbs

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